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This site offers a wide array of golf improvement topics, all of which are listed on this page. Information on my instruction can be found in Part 4 and my videos are listed in Part 5.


Part 1—How to Improve Your Golf Swing

CHAPTER 1—On Learning And Practicing

Do You Have A Chance To Improve Your Golf?
Almost everyone struggles when trying to improve their golf game, here's how to do it!

Do You Really Want To Improve?
Surprisingly, most golfers don't!

A Most Important Page
Don't skip this page—it's about why you're here.

The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same
Ever wonder why you practice and practice and practice, but don't get any better? This is why.

Muscle Memory
This is how you learn a golf swing. Read it. Memorize it. Use it!

My Way Or The Highway
Don't you just hate it when golf instructors try to change your golf swing? Why can't they work with the one you have?

Feel vs. Reality
Why golfers can't teach themselves.

Golf Instructor vs Golf Swing Coach
Is there a difference and does it matter?

The Key To Better Golf
Golf is a game of the mind—this is how you do it.

The Perfect Practice Swing
You know you can make a great practice swing, but why can't you swing the same way when you hit the ball?

What Do You Know About The Golf Swing
How much do you really know about the golf swing?

If It's Winter, It's Time To Improve!
Don't put your clubs away! Instead, improve your golf swing.

Your Golf Clubs
Forget the marketing, use your head!

Golf Swing Drills And Golf Training Aids
What drills and golf training aids, if any, can help your golf swing, and a little about practice.

Natural Golf - Moe Norman And His Golf Swing
Is Moe Norman's Natural Golf swing a viable alternative?


Part 2—About Golf Instruction and Golf Schools

CHAPTER 2—Things You Should Know About Golf Schools And Taking Golf Lessons

Does Golf Instruction Really Help?
What you need to know to most benefit from golf instruction.

Who Should Take Golf Lessons?
Anyone who will ever take a golf lesson should read this page, plus a special note for beginning golfers.

About Golf Lessons
What is a good golf lesson.

How To Get The Most From Golf Instruction
Things you should do during and after a golf lesson.

Laws Of The Golf Lesson
Some rules for you to follow that will make your golf lessons more effective.

Don't Take That Golf Lesson
Some people shouldn't take golf lessons!

Band-aid Golf Instruction
Band-aid golf instruction has its place, but it really won't make you a better golfer.

It's The Manly Thing
Poking some fun at male golfers and why women have the potential to learn faster than men.

Who Are The Skilled Golf Instructors?
There are highly skilled instructors, and then there are those who aren't.

Where Can I Find A Skilled Golf Instructor?
There might be a great instructor at your local driving range or course, or you may have to go quite a distance.

What If I Want, But Can't Find, A Skilled Golf Instructor Nearby
Some advice for those who don't live near a highly skilled instructor.


CHAPTER 3—Golf Schools

Should You Attend A Golf School?
Golf Schools have the potential of being nothing more than expensive vacations, be careful.

Golf Schools, What To Know Before You Go
How To Maximize Your Learning At A Golf School.


Part 3—The Ben Hogan Golf Swing

CHAPTER 4—Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan
The Man and the Ben Hogan golf swing.

The Golf Swing Plane
Swing plane and the golf swing.

The One Plane Golf Swing
The "One Plane Swing" is not Ben Hogan's golf swing

Golf Swing Fundamentals
Some things you should know about golf swing fundamentals—they aren't quite what you think!

Ben Hogan Golf Swing Fundamentals
A discussion of Hogan's fundamentals.

The One Piece Takeaway
The one piece takeaway is an impossible myth.

David Leadbetter's Book "The Fundamentals of Hogan"
A review of Leadbetter's book on Ben Hogan's golf swing.


CHAPTER 5—Pictures and Discussion of The Golf Swing From the Perspective of Ben Hogan's Golf Swing Fundamentals

The Upright Golf Swing And The Block
The upright golf swing is commonly taught, but unless you are very coordinated it can hurt your golf game.

The Steep Downswing
Why the upright golf swing can be so bad.

An Over-the-top move is a common result of a steep forward swing plane.

The Follow Through
Where you end up tells a lot about how you arrived there.

The Right Elbow
The right elbow can make or break your swing.

The Inside Path To Higher Scores
Getting the club inside during the backswing is BAD!


Part 4—Casey Eberting Golf Instruction Information

CHAPTER 6—About Casey Eberting

My Experience And Background
Exceptional experience gives me unique abilities to help you improve your golf swing.

What I Teach—The Two Instruction Options
Ben Hogan's golf swing or a variety of swing options based on the swings of the very best ball strikers of all time.


CHAPTER 7—Option 1: Professional Golf Swing Instruction

Professional Golf Swing Instruction
Instruction based on swings of the world's best ball strikers

Professional Golf Swing Instruction Details
Details for my Professional Golf Swing Instruction


CHAPTER 8—Option 2: Ben Hogan Golf Swing Instruction

Ben Hogan Golf Swing Seminars—Learning The Best Swing of All Time
Do you want to be the best that you can be—this is it!

Ben Hogan Golf Swing Seminar Details
Build a golf swing that doesn't depend on timing using Ben Hogan's swing as a model.

Ben Hogan golf swing Follow-Up Instruction
Information on follow-up options for my Ben Hogan Golf Swing Seminars.

About The Video Golf Lesson By Mail—Ben Hogan Golf Swing
A long distance private lesson for my Ben Hogan Golf Swing Seminar graduates.

Video Golf Lesson By Mail Details—The Ben Hogan Golf Swing
What To Do For The Video Golf Lesson By Mail.


CHAPTER 9—For My Clients

I created this chapter for my clients, but I encourage everyone to look through these few short pages. It's regarding how best to improve.

Your First Instincts Are Wrong!
Thoughts on Ben Hogan's statement that your first swing instincts are wrong.

After A Golf Lesson Will You Be Able To Swing The Way You're Supposed to?
This is the biggest mistake you'll make regarding golf instruction.

Stay Focused
If you want to improve as quickly as possible, you'll need to stay very focused.

If you want to become a better golfer, you'll need patience.

This is how you do it if you want serious improvement.

Confusion On The Range
After a lesson, expect to be confused, but don't let it beat you.

Practice Swings Are How You Learn
How to get the most out of your practice.



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