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Natural Golf - Moe
Norman And His Golf Swing

Anyone who has looked into the Natural Golf swing method knows that the teaching philosophy is supposedly exemplified by Moe Norman's golf swing. I say supposedly because I've read that there are some factions that are moving away from Norman's swing, and it's possible that many Natural Golf instructors never did teach Norman's version of the swing. If new factions are forming, a distinction may need to be made between Moe Norman's swing and Natural Golf, but for the purpose of this page I'll assume they're the same. My recommendation to those interested in Natural Golf is to stay true to Norman's swing.

Regarding Moe Norman, he was known to be a very accurate ball striker, some even think he rivaled Ben Hogan for best ball striking ability. I don't agree since Hogan proved his swing technique under the intense pressure of major championship golf while Norman shied away from such situations. A true comparison is impossible, but there is no denying Norman's tremendous ability, even if not tested as thoroughly as Hogan's.

Most instructors who teach a more traditional swing don't like the Natural Golf swing because it is so unorthodox. Despite the name, the motion is unnatural for golfers who have a more traditional swing. Personally, I think Moe Norman's golf swing is an awsome choice for some golfers. The reason I like Norman's swing is that it greatly simplifies the manipulations needed to hit a golf ball, which is what most amateur golfers need.

The downside is that this swing isn't as powerful as more traditional swings due to less body rotation. This should be noticeable to better players, but for golfers who don't use their bodies well, which is the majority of golfers, they may even hit the ball further due to hitting shots more solidly.

There may be players out there who use different variations of the Natural Golf Swing who do hit with good power, but the benefit of Moe's swing is the great control, which is why I feel golfers should stay true to Moe's swing.

I know some Natural Golf aficionados think that the body does work in the Natural Golf swing, but it doesn't, at least not nearly as much as in a traditional swing. Moe even said he tried to restrict his hip turn in the forward swing. This is one of the reasons this is a good option for amateur golfers—they don't have to coordinate as much body rotation with arm movements.

I know there are some good players who are using the Natural Golf method and I'm sure there are some who hit the ball far using modified versions (technically not Norman's swing), but I don't think any of them will ever be as good as better players using a more traditional swing—i.e., using body rotation. Maybe I'm wrong, Moe Norman was a golfing savant and possibly another savant using Moe's swing will come along—only time will tell. The Natural Golf swing, or I should say Moe Norman's golf swing, in my opinion, is an excellent option for golfers who want a simpler and more reliable way to swing.


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