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Cycling Your Way
To A Better Golf Swing

Most golfers almost daily switch from swing thought to swing thought as they try to improve their golf swing. Can this approach help them get better? Definitely not! This is just one more reason amateur golfers don't improve.

The way to become a better golfer is to first make sure you are working on the right things for your swing. There are different ways to effectively swing a golf club, but in general, you can't mix and match parts from one swing type with another.

Second, practice the movement for at least a month (until you've learned it). It is crucial to realize that you will never perform any golf swing movement perfectly, unless you happen to be one of the best golfers in the world, so your work will never be done.

Since you can't perfect a movement, the way to continually get better is to come back in the future and work on it again in order to keep making incremental improvements. I call this cycling, and it's just as the name implies—you work on one swing movement for a month, or more, what I call a phase, then move on to the next movement, or phase. After roughly four or five months, my students learning Hogan fundamentals have completed a cycle and are ready to start the cycle again. Each time they cycle through the fundamentals, they improve the level of their swing.

For my Hogan students—don't make the mistake of thinking that if a little is good, a lot is better. For the first couple of years, work on a fundamental for a month only, unless you haven't been practicing, before moving on to the next fundamental. As you get better you get more into the law of diminishing returns so the better you get, the longer you'll have to practice something—six months or more on one swing movement isn't unreasonable. Always keep in mind that the goal is to raise the caliber of your entire swing by improving all fundamentals. You shouldn't try to improve just one aspect of your swing to the exclusion of the other fundamentals.


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