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Does Golf Instruction
Really Help?

This may seem like a strange question coming from a Teaching Professional, but for many golfers, golf instruction doesn't provide the benefits desired. On many pages of this website I discuss some possible reasons for this and I offer some ideas to help golfers maximize the benefit from their golf instruction. I also discuss what to look for when choosing an instructor, which is a most important topic because if you don't have a good instructor your chances of success diminish significantly! There are excellent instructors out there, but they are a minority and you'll need to do some searching to find one.

Of course, I also provide some information on the golf swing, so even if golf instruction isn't a part of your golf improvement strategy you will still find information here that may be of help to you in your quest to play better golf.

By the way, even if you have no interest in golf instruction and have never had a formal golf lesson, you still have to deal with golf instruction in some form. Do you read golf magazines? Do you watch golf videos or watch golf on TV? When you practice, do you focus on a swing thought? These are all forms of instruction.


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