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What Are Golf
Swing Fundamentals?

When discussing golf swing fundamentals, it is incredibly important to understand that golf swing fundamentals are a myth! Don't believe me? Ask a number of instructors what they think the key golf swing fundamentals are and each instructor will give you a set of different answers. That clearly runs counter to the definition of what a fundamental is! A fundamental is supposed to be a rule, law, basis, or foundation for something, which in this case means it should apply to all golf swings since we're calling it "golf swing fundamentals".

Actually, there are swing fundamentals (I didn't say golf swing fundamentals). If we refine our concept of what a fundamental is, it works. For golf fundamentals to exist, we must categorize them based on particular swing types rather than to "the golf swing" in general. For example, there are certain properties of the Moe Norman swing that are required for a swing to be considered a Moe Norman swing type. These properties are fundamentals for the Norman swing, but not necessarily other swings.

Because the term "golf swing fundamental" has been prevalent seemingly forever, we have a problem. Most instructors believe in golf swing fundamentals and therefore unknowingly teach some type of compilation swing, what I call a "Frankenstein swing". They take swing concepts they've learned throughout the years from many various sources, put them together, and teach them as golf swing fundamentals. They don't even realize that they may be teaching swing movements from different swing types that mix like oil and water.

For golfers wanting the best chance of improving, avoid Frankenstein instruction! Identify the specific swing type you want to learn and have your instructor focus on the correct fundamentals for that swing. You deserve better than a Frankenstein swing, but it's up to you to ensure you aren't being taught one!


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