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It's The Manly Syndrome

I don't know what it is about us men, we just seem to be experts on everything. Women, on the other hand, seem much more realistic about their strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps this is why women generally respond to golf instruction better than men do.

It amazes me that almost every time I step on to a practice tee I see or hear male golfers giving each other golf tips and swing advice. Of course, males giving golf swing advice to their wives and children is even more common, and more of a problem! Here's a suggestion, don't listen to some amateur on the range who has nothing but a jumble of irreconcilable golf swing concepts in their head!

If that isn't enough, consider golf message boards. I've visited several and am amazed at how everyone (they all seem to be men) spout information as if they are all world class golf instructors. Unfortunately, it's really the blind leading the blind. It's entertaining, but hopefully nobody takes that stuff seriously because it's nothing more than golfers sharing their opinions with other golfers. My advice, don't put any credence in message boards that discuss golf swing advice and theory unless you know the background of the person who is doing the writing!

One comment to those who try to teach their wives and children—DON'T DO IT!!!. I know you're only trying to help, but I can't recall ever hearing appropriate advice being given in these situations. Let them play and practice and when they're ready, find a good instructor for them.


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