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Who Should
Take Golf Lessons?

The answer would seem to be that any golfer wanting to improve should take golf lessons, and this is true, but for the following exceptions:

1) If you don't have the time or the inclination to practice.
2) You aren't willing to make the effort to find a good instructor.
3) If you don't have patience. Patience is necessary because what goes into your head (the information learned in the lesson) must eventually work its way into your body. In other words, you can learn the concepts quickly, but training your body to do them, through practice sessions, takes time.

A special note for those who are beginning golf. Beginners can benefit the most from proper golf instruction and be hurt the most from improper golf instruction. As a beginner you don't know if you'll like the game, so you may wonder if you should take lessons, and if so, from whom.

If you're the kind of person who likes being good at things, you should start with the best instructor you can find.

If being good doesn't matter, or if money is tight, it is OK to take a few inexpensive lessons to learn the address position and simple basics of the backswing and forward swing. Who knows, it may turn out that you have a natural inclination for the game and you become a decent golfer without any further instruction. Be careful when accepting swing tips from relatives and friends unless they are very good. Odds are high they will hurt your golf swing with incorrect information, even though they are well intentioned.


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