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Those who work with me have fundamentals to practice that are summarized in their outlines with just a few key words (the individual phases of a cycle). I want you to periodically review these key words, for whichever phase you're in, and with every swing and practice swing I want you to repeat those words to yourself so that you are focused as much as possible every time you make a swing. Those few words, if you use them wisely, are going to make you a better golfer by ensuring that you are always working on the things I gave you.

A danger that many of my students face (actually applies to all students, not just mine) is that they will begin to work on a phase, but after a short period they begin to discover particular swing feelings that they incorrectly associate with the fundamental they are practicing. They then get caught up with those feelings and in no time they are ignoring the words and are trying to replicate the swing feelings they discovered, erroneously thinking they are still working on the fundamental. Understand that feelings change from day to day, hour to hour, even swing to swing. If you try to practice something you felt, even if it was felt while practicing a correct fundamental, it doesn't mean that you are practicing the fundamental.

Avoid this common mistake and be sure you stay focused by silently repeating the key words to yourself before every swing in order to stay as focused as possible and to maximize your practice efforts!


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