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Laws Of The Golf Lesson

Give yourself plenty of time between lessons. Whatever you are working on must become a learned motion (see my Muscle Memory page) before you move on to something new or YOU WILL LOSE IT! A golfer who practices every day should work for at least 3 weeks before taking another lesson. Everyone else should work at least 4 weeks, or even longer, if not getting enough practice.

The point is—give yourself enough time to learn a movement before stopping or moving on to something else. If your instructor tries to sell you a series of lessons scheduled weekly or bi-weekly, which is the typical time frame for a series, find a new instructor because they don't understand how a student learns, which means they don't know how to teach!

If a golf instructor insists on demonstrating a point by having you watch them swing, be careful. If their swing were that good, they would probably be on tour. Even tour players don't have perfect swings.

Realize that it takes quite a bit of practice before you will be able to groove whatever it is you're working on and your immediate goal should be to do it better, not perfection. If you want near perfection with any part of the golf swing (except maybe address), plan on practicing every day for years!


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