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In 2018 I moved to Broken Arrow (Tulsa), OK, and have semi-retired from teaching. However, I do give a few lessons and I may teach more in the future, which is why I have these instruction pages up still. The Tulsa airport is small and easy to get in and out of, but the downside is that there are limited direct flights.

Note, I do offer Hourly Hogan Instruction, which is different from the instruction option discussed on this page and I do teach other swings styles, as well.

The Ben Hogan golf swing is essentially one seamless movement from start to finish and I have found that it is best to learn the key concepts all at once rather than in bits and pieces.

For my Ben Hogan Golf Swing Seminars I offer three learning options, a four hour Starter Session, and eight and twelve hour Full Sessions. The Starter Session is not complete so plan on having another four hour session to finish the initial instruction. For the eight and twelve hour sessions, the core swing information is the same, but obviously there is more time for questions, feedback, and I can give a little more information in the longer session. If cost is even a slight concern, choose a shorter session and save your money for follow-up instruction.

For follow-up, I offer a Video Lesson by Mail option for those who aren't local and hourly private Ben Hogan Golf Swing instruction.

There is an additional option for two people to attend a three day, fifteen hour session. I do not pair up students so you'll have to find your own partner if you want to share the instruction.

Scheduling is flexible and year round, meaning dates and times are up to you, assuming I can fit them into my schedule. No deposit is required for Ben Hogan Golf Swing Seminars.

For those who would like to work with me, I'll be teaching a little at my house in Broken Arrow. I don't have any connections in the area so acquiring part time teaching privileges at a local club is unlikely. FYI: I know offering instruction this way may seem strange to many, but even when I am teaching at a club, my Hogan instruction is exactly the same—it's just a much more effective way to teach.

While the main benefit of teaching indoors is that it is an optimal setting for learning, two other important benefits are that instruction doesn't have to be canceled due to inclement weather and the temperature is always comfortable.

Ben Hogan Golf Swing Seminar Fees *

One Day Starter Session (4 hours) - $500

Two Day Session (8 hours) - $900

Three Day Session (12 hours) - $1,200

Two Person Three Day Session (15 hours) - $2,000


To e-mail me your interest in my Ben Hogan Golf Swing Seminars, please click on the following link:


My Ben Hogan Golf Swing Instruction Pages

Hourly Hogan Instruction—Applying Some Hogan Fundamentals To Your Swing

Ben Hogan Golf Swing Seminars—Learning The Best Swing of All Time

Follow-Up options

* Prices for all forms of instruction are subject to change without notice (of course, not if you've already registered).


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