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Golf Practice Swings
Are How You Learn

Whenever you are working on the mechanics of your golf swing while practicing on the range, always take at least 4 practice swings for every ball you hit. The reason is simple, when you are trying to hit a ball your body is going to do what is familiar, which is your old swing. This means that when hitting a ball, even a ball on the range, your body will resist any changes you attempt to make.

However, with a practice swing where you aren't trying to hit a ball, the body will let you do just about anything because there are no consequences if things aren't quite right. These practice swings allow you to familiarize your body and mind with the new movement you are trying to learn. When you do hit a ball, start by swinging very slowly and then gradually increase speed as long as you feel you have control and are able to do whatever it is you're working on.

Speaking of practice swings, don't forget that practice swings around the house and office are a great form of practice, as is mentally rehearsing the movements you're trying to learn.

When on the golf course, play fast, not slow. You shouldn't be working on your swing, but even if you are, limit yourself to one practice swing, or at most two quick ones, before hitting.


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