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Do You Have
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Probably less than one out of every hundred golfers (admittedly a completely arbitrary number that, from experience, seems to be about right) has a chance to make truly significant improvement in their golf game once they've plateaued. Are you one of the very few who will actually improve? There are things you can do to considerably improve the odds!

The prognosis doesn't have to be so dire. Just about anyone can become capable of making impressive improvement. Notice I used the words "can become capable" instead of "is capable". The reason is that to improve this much, you should have an understanding of how a golf swing is learned, which includes knowing how to practice, and you also have to develop the right outlook. Once you understand the learning process and get into the right frame of mind, you will have developed the best chance to make great improvement to your golf swing. Of course, this is assuming that the mechanics you're trying to learn are sound.

The largest obstacle to your improvement is most likely going to be attitude. We live in such a fast paced environment that we expect everything to happen quickly, if not instantly. However, you already know that golf is VERY DIFFICULT! Therefore, your improvement cannot possibly happen quickly. The exception—junior golfers can improve quickly and sometimes beginners (first few years) can also make impressive improvement.

If you do want to be one of the few who achieve significant (not speedy) improvement, it may be time for an attitude adjustment. If you have patience, desire, and discipline, you can become a much better golfer! If you aren't flush with these three qualities, be prepared to develop them if you seek true improvement.

On the pages of this site I give you a lot to think about—things that can make a difference as to whether you get better or not! This site is about how to learn and practice, but it's also about how to benefit from golf instruction and a little about the golf swing. Basically, it's about how to become a better golfer. Many of the ideas you've probably never considered—maybe now is the time.

I am Teaching Professional Casey Eberting and this is my website. As with my golf instruction, it is not for anyone who accepts mediocrity or who is in search of nonexistent shortcuts. If you are dedicated and willing to learn, you should find great value in the information I provide and I hope it helps you travel further down your golf improvement path!


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