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Should You Attend
A Golf School?

A golf school can be a great experience, but unless you're careful, the results won't justify the cost. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your time and money spent at a golf school will be worth while. I delve deeper into this subject on other pages of this site, but here are two major factors: first, do your best to select a golf school that has skilled golf instructors rather than attend a generic golf school. Second, understand what you must do to benefit from your golf school experience.

If you've been considering attending a golf school, hopefully I've piqued your curiosity enough that you will want to learn how to get the most from it. Rather than pile everything on here, I have a Golf School and Golf Lessons section which can be accessed through the navigation options to the left, plus there are many additional pages throughout this site on how to benefit from golf instruction which, of course, applies to any golf school you may be considering.


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