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Hourly Hogan Instruction

In 2020 I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and have semi-retired from teaching. This hourly Hogan lesson option is not available at this time but my Ben Hogan Golf Swing Instruction Sessions are available on a limited basis. This page is here because I may offer the hourly option again in the future if I can find a local course that will let me teach a few hours a week.

Hourly Hogan Instruction is simple. It's about applying some Hogan fundamentals modified to fit your swing rather than trying to get you to swing like Hogan (my Ben Hogan Golf Swing Instruction Sessions are for those who want to learn Hogan's swing). The amount of instruction depends on how much improvement you desire and any lessons should be spaced at least three weeks apart in order to give you time to learn before moving on to another topic.

Fees and Length of Instruction Session *

1 hour - $150
2 hour - $300
3 hour - $400
4 hour - $500


To request Hourly Hogan Instruction, please click on the following link:


Sorry, I don't accept credit cards so payment must be by cash or check (personal checks are accepted).


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* Prices for all forms of instruction are subject to change without notice (of course, not if you've already registered).



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