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Video Golf Lessons by
MailTM—The Ben Hogan Swing

A Long Distance Private Lesson

This Video Golf Lesson by Mail option is for current students interested in the convenience of my Ben Hogan golf swing (Non-Manipulative) video instruction. The Non-Manipulative Video Lesson option is only for students who have attended a full (complete) initial Ben Hogan Golf Swing Seminar session and have had some form of instruction from me within the last year (currrent students).

The Video Golf Lesson By Mail is essentially a long distance private lesson in which you get instruction relevant to your individual swing and feedback about the changes you've been making.

The advantage of the Video Golf Lesson by Mail is that you have the ability to review the lesson as often as you like to pick up things you missed in previous viewings. It is much more convenient and much less expensive for those who otherwise would have to travel to work with me.

For details of my Video Golf Lessons by Mail, please click on the following link:


What To Do For The Video Golf Lesson By Mail


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