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Patience goes hand in hand with remaining focused. If you can be patient as you work to improve your swing, then you have a chance of maintaining your focus. The two together are critical for golf swing improvement.

If you are working to improve your swing, you will, at times, hit the ball badly, period! No exceptions! If you don't go through periods of hitting badly, you aren't making improvements to your swing. Obviously, it's frustrating to hit the ball badly, which is where patience becomes a crucial factor in your golf improvement quest.

Many golfers think they're ready to begin a golf improvement program, but a week or two of poor ball striking often puts an end to the initial excitement created by the prospect of becoming a better golfer. It amazes me that even though I thoroughly warn everyone of what to expect, there are still many golfers who come to me for instruction thinking that my warnings don't apply to them. Let me make it clear, my warnings apply to everyone. If you make a change to your golf swing, you will lose coordination—the bigger the change, the greater the loss of coordination. If you can't accept that, don't even begin to think that you can become a better golfer!


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