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Your First Instincts Are Wrong!

On the first page of the Introduction to Ben Hogan's book "Power Golf", Hogan writes

...when you grip a golf club to take your first swing at a golf ball every natural instinct you employ to accomplish that objective is wrong, absolutely wrong.
Reverse every natural instinct you have and do just the opposite of what you are inclined to do and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing.

I very strongly believe that the first instinct to which Hogan refers is the natural tendency of a new golfer to swing, primarily with the arms, in an upright plane. With an upright swing it is impossible to swing without manipulation.

Of course, that doesn't mean one can't play very well with an upright swing, it just means that a golfer will never hit as well with an upright swing, and the necessary manipulation, as Hogan did with a swing that was free of manipulation!

Note that I don't call Hogan's swing flat, although it is by any measure. The reason I don't like to use the word flat is that if a golfer tries to intentionally swing flat, they will inevitably do it incorrectly, and the results can be devastating.

For my Ben Hogan Golf Swing Instruction students: The further along you are with the manipulation-free golf instruction, the better you'll understand the fundamentals of a correct manipulation-free golf swing, and how to progress from your initially incorrect swing in which the arms and body are conflicting objects in motion to a fundamentally sound swing in which the club, arms, and body all work together to provide an efficient, repeatable, and most importantly, highly accurate manipulation-free swing.


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