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Is There A Difference Between
A Golf instructor And A Golf Swing Coach?

There is a difference and that difference can have significant impact on your golf improvement. The difference between revolution and evolution is the difference between Golf Instructor and Golf Swing Coach. This may not make sense at first but consider the golf instructor and golf swing coach to be the same person, only at different phases of the instruction process.

Change Is Revolutionary

When a student first begins to work with a golf instructor, the student is given new information and is asked to make changes to their swing. This is the revolutionary stage, which can be relatively short, but can consist of intensely frustrating periods.

Refinement Is Evolutionary

After the revolutionary stage, the instruction gradually shifts from new information to refining the movements the student has already begun to learn. This is the evolutionary stage. In this stage the golf instructor becomes the golf swing coach, focusing mostly on giving feedback with much less emphasis on teaching new information. The goal in this stage is to help the student develop a deeper understanding of the golf swing and, more importantly, to provide feedback that helps the golfer keep on track as they work to improve their swing.

It usually isn't until the student gets into the evolutionary stage that they can begin to see significant benefits from their golf instruction. Once they reach this stage, they are working on things that they have already worked on before so it becomes less difficult and less frustrating. The more golf instruction, or I could say coaching, a person gets in the evolutionary stage, in the form of feedback, the more likely they are to stay on track and the improvement should be considerably more significant. Because this phase is about feedback, it actually benefits the student to get instruction more frequently than what I recommend in the learning (revolutionary) phase, assuming the student can afford it. If cost is a concern, then you need to be more diligent with your swing changes and for this you must have a very good understanding of what you are trying to do with your swing. In other words, you are relying on yourself to be the instructor.

Unfortunately, most people don't get to the evolutionary stage. The reason people don't make it this far is simple, far too many of them expect to see results quickly. Sorry, it doesn't happen that way.


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