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Can't Find Any Good
Golf Instructors Nearby?

For the golfer who is serious about improving, finding the right instructor is very important, but it can be difficult. For those seeking only moderate golf improvement, quality of instruction is still important, but you can be more relaxed in your search. For all other golfers, almost any instructor with some experience is probably good enough.

For the serious golfer, even in a fairly large city, you may have trouble finding the right instructor. You may find someone with a passion to teach, but passion doesn't guarantee skill and knowledge. Keep searching for someone who knows how to teach and has the golf swing knowledge you deserve.

If you can't find a Golf Instructor who has put in a lot of effort to learning the golf swing and how to teach it, you may still be able to find a golf instructor who can improve your game. Consider (with conditions) getting golf instruction from a golf instructor who is, or was, a very good player.

Being a good player doesn't mean that person can teach, or that they have a reasonable understanding of the golf swing. They may be a great instructor, but being a good player is not a qualifier. You still need to ask about how they trained to become an instructor. Consider that tour players, with few exceptions, get more instruction than anyone. If playing ability were synonymous with understanding of the golf swing, the best players in the world would be the least in need of instruction!

Even without strong teaching skills, a good player has value as an instructor. Good players have playing skills and this is what you should try to learn. Have this good player teach you how to think on the course and how to hit the different types of golf shots needed to play well. Have them teach you course strategy, how to hit low shots, high shots, hooks, slices, fades, draws, and whatever else they can think of to help you lower your scores. Focus especially hard on the short game.

If you're serious about improving your game significantly, your golf swing will have to improve. For this, you will need to make the extra effort to find the best Golf Instructor you can, even if it means driving a few hours every month or two!


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