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The One Plane
Swing And Ben Hogan

Is a one plane swing better than a two plane swing? For those who aren't familiar with the "One Plane Swing" concept, in the very simplest of terms the idea is that the golfer swings back in a flatter plane and forward in nearly the same plane. In theory, this allows the arms and body to work more cohesively than they do in an upright swing, but it isn't necessarily so.

In a two plane swing, a golfer goes back in a steeper plane, but for this to work, it requires a change to a flatter plane when transitioning to the forward swing.

Most great players have flattened their planes as they shifted into the forward swing. For this reason I suggest two plane swings are the best option for most good players. For amateurs, a one plane swing could possibly be a better option because few amateurs have the ability to flatten into the forward swing, but one concern is many who adopt this swing end up with awkward looking, overly flat backswings.

Asking which is better between a one plane or two plane swing obfuscates the fact that this isn't the key question. Ultimately, the most crucial part of a golf swing is how the club gets to, and through, the impact area! Anyone who focuses on swing plane over the method of how to hit a ball is ignoring the most important aspect of the swing.

As for Ben Hogan, I'm hoping interest in one plane swings will generate more interest in his nearly perfect swing. One plane swing proponents claim Hogan's swing belongs in their camp, but Hogan was not a one plane swinger even though he did have a flat backswing.

The reason Hogan was not a one plane swinger is that Hogan actually flattened considerably as he transitioned into the forward swing, which means he shifted planes just as any other two plane swinger does. This is a very important distinction for anyone wanting to learn Hogan's technique as he did make a large shift in planes, but ultimately, it was how he swung through impact that made Hogan great, not whether he had a one plane or two plane swing.


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