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Take A Golf Lesson, But
Will You Be Swinging Correctly?

One of the biggest mistakes a golfer can make regarding golf instruction is thinking that after a lesson they will practice a certain number of times and will then be performing the movement correctly. It doesn't work that way! After a lesson you will go home and practice some aspect of the golf swing, but you will not do it correctly! To say you are doing something correctly means you are doing it nearly perfectly, which you will not do without years of practice, if ever.

Realistically, if you practice hard and effectively for a month you might expect something like a ten to twenty percent improvement. With this in mind, take the information you get from a lesson and practice with the understanding that you are going to try and do it as well as you can, or better than you were doing, and that perfection is the long term goal, not your immediate expectation.

Thinking that you will be able to do something correctly after a lesson creates unattainable expectations and the only possible outcome is dissatisfaction with one's progress.

A final thought: even the swings of Tour Professionals aren't perfect.


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