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Ben Hogan Golf Swing Video Lesson

Only current students who have attended a full (complete) initial Ben Hogan Golf Swing Seminar session and have had some form of instruction from me within the past year are eligible for this video option. In the video I film myself discussing how you're performing each Hogan fundamental. This is a private lesson that covers the entire Non-Manipulative swing, not a prerecorded video! The fee for the Non-Manipulative instruction Video Lesson is $175.


Most common file types are fine. My instruction will be filmed in mp4 (H264), which almost any computer and most newer tv's can play. You may request an alternative format if needed.

Here are the things you should send:

1. Send me an email message to let me know you are wanting a Video Lesson by Mail and to make sure I can get to it in a time frame that is good for you.

2. If the scheduling is right and I have OK'd it, send the video file, if small enough, by email, or you can use a file sharing site such as https://send.firefox.com, which I will use to send the completed video back to you.

3. The video file of your swing obviously needs to include video of you hitting balls (can be into a net, in your backyard, or on the practice tee) with a mid-iron (and driver if you like) from 2 angles—one straight out from your chest (perpendicular to your target line) and the other from straight down your target line (looking through the viewfinder of the camera, you should see your intended target in the distance). No more than 2 swings from each angle for each club. If you have the option on your video camera, use a high shutter speed—at least 1/1000 sec, or on some cameras, sport mode. If your camera doesn't have either option, that's fine.

4. In addition to filming yourself hitting balls, film yourself giving a short explanation and slow motion demonstration of the most recent Non-manipulative fundamentals you've been working on. This lets me check how you've interpreted the swing movements and I can make any necessary corrections if needed.

5. I don't accept credit cards, but money can be transferred by Transferwise.com or, if you prefer, you can mail a check made out to Casey Eberting for $175.* (please do not send cash)

6. I do try to get to each video quickly, on average it takes about 2 - 3 days for me to finish and get it sent.

Recommended Schedule for mailing videos

Although everyone should have follow-up Instruction, there is no recommended schedule. It depends on how motivated you are to improve. The more improvement you want, the more instruction you'll need.

To let me know you are interested in sending a Video, or if you have a question regarding the video lesson format, please click on the following link and fill in the e-mail form:


* I rarely change fees, but when I do I may not give advance notice. Once I've agreed to accept a video, and as long as I receive it within two weeks, the price is guaranteed not change.


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