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How To Improve Your Golf Game

You've probably tried just about everything to improve, but to no avail. New clubs don't help, nor does golf instruction. The reason new clubs don't help is obvious, unless you're really gullible and believe all of the ads. Golf instruction doesn't help for two main reasons 1) most golfers don't know how to practice and learn a golf swing and 2) many golf professionals have only minimal training in how to teach a golf swing.

There is hope! You can turn the odds in your favor, which is what I try to do with this website. I discuss how to practice properly, how one learns a golf swing, and how to find a qualified instructor, among many other topics.

There are many pages covering golf improvement and golf instruction topics, as you can see by hovering over the navigation menu to the left of each page. If you aren't using a mouse, click on a category heading and you'll go to an index for that section that has links, with descriptions, to the pages of that category.


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