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Golf Swing Evaluation or PGS Instruction Video Lesson

This option is available to anyone interested in getting Professional Golf Swing Instruction or a Golf Swing Evaluation from me. The Golf Swing Evaluation can also be used as a second opinion for current instruction if you provide information about the instruction you're getting.

For a PGS Instruction Video, I will give a quick overview of your entire swing and then I will focus on the main area I feel you need the most work.

For the Golf Swing Evaluation, I will go into detail about the key components of your swing, but I won't give any specific instruction. If you are wanting a second opinion on the instruction you are getting, I will discuss why I agree, or disagree, with what you are being asked to do.

I will film my instruction or evaluation and copy it to your flash drive (the video file is much too large to email). These videos are specifically for your swing and are not prerecorded!

The fee for the Golf Swing Evaluation video is $150 and the Professional Golf Swing Instruction Video is $175, both of which include 1st class return shipping.



Most common video file types are fine. My video will be in the very common mp4 format, unless you request an alternative format.

Here are the things to do:

1. Fill out my email form to let me know you are wanting a Video Lesson by Mail and to make sure I can get to it in a time frame that is good for you.

2. Tell me on the email form whether you want instruction ($175) or a swing evaluation ($150).

3. Send a USB flash drive with at least 1GB free space that is formatted to be read by a Windows or Linux computer.

4. Copy onto your flash drive video of your swing while hitting balls with a mid-iron (and driver if you like) from 2 angles—one straight out from your chest (perpendicular to your target line) and the other from straight down your target line (looking through the viewfinder of the camera, you should see your intended target in the distance). No more than 4 swings from each angle, or 8 total. If you have the option on your video camera, use a high shutter speed—at least 1/1000 sec, or on some cameras, sport mode. If your camera doesn't have either option, that's fine.

5. In addition to filming yourself hitting balls, tell me what you like, or dislike, about your swing and the changes you think you should be making. If you want a second opinion on your instruction, include information on what you are being taught. If you aren't comfortable talking into a camera, please write an email. This information is important because it lets me know how you're thinking of the swing and is a very useful tool for me.

6. A check in the correct amount made out to Casey Eberting.* (please do not send cash).

7. Let me know the address where you want the flash drive sent, otherwise I will use the return address on the package.

8. Send an e-mail message to notify me of when and how you mailed your video.

I do try to get to each video quickly, on average it takes about 2 - 3 days for me to finish and get it mailed. For clients I haven't worked with, I will complete the video as soon as possible, but I will hold it until the check has cleared (it should clear about the time I finish the video so for most there won't be a hold). I'll send you a message letting you know when I have received the video and again when it has been shipped.

To let me know you are interested in sending a Video, or if you have a question regarding this video option, please click on this link and fill in the e-mail form:

Professional Golf Swing Video Golf Lesson E-mail Form


* I rarely change fees, but when I do I may not give advance notice. Once I've agreed to accept a video, and as long as I receive it within two weeks of that time, the price will be locked.


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