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Here is a listing of my videos. More videos may gradually be added.

Video 1

How To Learn

How To Learn
Improving your golf swing is almost impossible if you don't know this!

Video 2

Essence image

The Essence of the Ben Hogan golf swing
This is the basis that the Ben Hogan golf swing was built on.

Video 3

Late Release image

Ben Hogan's Late Release, and More
I discuss Hogan's late release, arm supination, and the straightening of Hogan's left wrist—was it to close the clubface?

Video 4


Why you do it and why your instructor probably can't help you eliminate it.

Video 5

Weight Shift or Head Still image

Shift Weight or Keep Your Head Still
Shift weight or head still, you can't do both.

Video 6

Distance and Power in the Golf Swing

Distance and Power in the Golf Swing
A conceptually simple way to add power and distance to a golf swing.


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