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You can use this form to request Ben Hogan Golf Swing Follow-up Instruction or to ask a question about the Instruction. The follow-up instruction is only available to those who have completed at least an eight hour session of Hogan instruction from me. If it's been more than one year since your last instruction, the minimum instruction length is two hours.

Filling in the preferred date and time boxes is just to let me know what you would prefer, you are not actually scheduling a lesson. Please fill in as much information as you feel comfortable giving (all information is kept confidential). Obviously, a correct e-mail address is required if you want me to reply. Thank you.

Use the tab key or your mouse to go from box to box. Avoid the enter (or return) key, which will submit the form with only the information you have completed up to that point.


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Fees and Length of
Ben Hogan Follow-up Instruction *

One Hour Follow-up Session - $125
Two Hour Follow-up Session - $250
Three Hour Follow-up Session - $350
Four Hour Follow-up Session - $450

Sorry, I don't accept credit cards so payment must be by cash or check (personal checks are accepted).


Please use the box below for questions or messages for me.

Warning: please double check the e-mail address you supplied above before clicking on the Submit Form button. I can't reply if it's incorrect!


* Prices for all forms of instruction are subject to change without notice (of course, not if you've already registered).


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