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Ben Hogan hit the ball better than anyone who has ever lived. The reason—he had the best golf swing of all time! For anyone wanting to be a good golfer, learning this swing should be a serious consideration.

Before I get to the Hogan Swing Instruction information, think about this: when you learn a new dance or you study martial arts (or any other complex movement), you first do it in slow motion because you want control—you want to do it correctly, not haphazardly. As your control improves and the movements become more familiar and automatic, over time you begin to speed them up.

So why do golf instructors have you trying to learn a golf swing, not only at full speed, but also while trying to hit a golf ball? That would be like trying to learn a dance, not only at full speed, but while on stage in front of an audience, or martial arts movements while in a fight. This does not make sense!

With my Ben Hogan Golf Instruction I teach in a way that focuses on maximizing the student's learning! There are two main aspects to the instruction. First, and most important, is developing the student's mental understanding of the Ben Hogan Golf Swing concepts. Second is developing the physical swing, which is done by making partial slow motion swings. This part is all about controlled motion to learn how to move correctly.

Yes, my Ben Hogan Golf Swing Instruction Sessions are different than probably any other instruction you've had, but it is for good reason! What I've done is concentrate the learning process so that you will acquire an understanding of the Ben Hogan golf swing and how to apply it. Consider that when you practice, you become the instructor—your brain is trying to teach your body how to move—so you had better understand what it is that you are trying to do if you want to be successful! This applies to any instruction you get, not just my instruction.

One thing you won't get with my Ben Hogan Golf Swing Instruction Sessions is the generalized golf instruction you'll find at typical golf schools that, by their very nature, have to cater to the average golfer. I can't stress it enough, all forms of my golf instruction are for the golfer who is motivated to improve and is willing to do what it takes—work—to reach their goals, whether it be to break 80 or 90 for the first time or to consistently shoot in the 60's.

The emphasis of my Ben Hogan Golf Swing Instruction Sessions is on the full swing, however I do discuss two chipping/pitching motions because they are essentially mini versions of the full swing and are therefore a good way to help develop understanding of the swing. I will gladly discuss other aspects of the short game if you want.

If you are serious about improving, I hope you'll consider joining me in Tulsa / Broken Arrow, Oklahoma for a Ben Hogan Golf Swing Instruction Session.


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